Joe Colombo for Puyallup City Council

Joe Colombo was raised in the Puyallup area, and his home is located in the geographic center of the city – between the valley and top of the hill – connecting the east and west sides of District 2.

That’s reflective of who Joe is, engaging with people from all sides, beliefs and backgrounds. Whatever your views on the issues, Joe listens, responds, and takes action to improve Puyallup and the beautiful neighborhoods of District 2.

Contact him and join the Friends of Joe Colombo in endorsing his run, showing support with a yard sign, donation or contribution of time to the campaign.

About Joe Colombo

  • Integrity: For Joe, integrity comes down to following rules designed to keep those seeking power from taking advantage of others, and working to change rules when they are unfair.
  • Transparency: Joe is a two-way communicator and stays in touch with neighbors. You will always know what Joe is about, and what actions he’s taking via blog posts, phone calls and post cards to voters. He’s dedicated to finding real opportunities for input from everyone in District 2 before decisions are made by city council.
  • Accountability: Joe is involved in civic life, working to keep government as efficient and productive as possible. In fact, his first proposal to council will focus on accountability.
If you live in District 2 and would like a yard sign, email with your address. Volunteers with Friends of Joe Colombo will install it according to your request. Thanks!

About District 2 Neighborhoods

  • Safety: All our neighborhoods need efficient traffic and sidewalk patterns, correct lighting, and block watch programs in coordination with the Puyallup Police Prevention Coordinator. Joe is dedicated to making that happen throughout District 2.
  • Resiliency: Our neighborhoods need emergency response coordination teams in preparation for earthquakes and other disasters, to ensure vulnerable citizens recover quickly. Joe has been a CERT team leader himself, and wants to see teams form throughout District 2.
  • Connectivity: Our neighborhoods have key choke-points that need addressing, including crosswalks to safely connect neighborhoods, bike lanes to keep kids safe, and trails that need to be finished. Joe will be asking for your input on implementing these projects throughout District 2.

About Puyallup Issues

  • Economic Vitality, Recreation & Farmland: Small business development and projects like the farmer’s market have helped fill downtown storefronts over the past decade since the Great Recession, but dangers loom from the pandemic closures, from corporations threatening farmland with warehouses, and from ecommerce patterns reducing business at the mall and elsewhere on the hill. Click here to read how Joe plans to address these issues.
  • Affordable Housing & Homelessness: After his divorce a couple years ago, Joe experienced what it’s like to find affordable housing for himself and his daughter in Puyallup. He felt incredibly fortunate to find an apartment near Decoursey Park, and then a house near Good Samaritan Hospital, but he knows that others with fewer connections and resources are having an impossible time doing the same thing today. Click here to read how Joe will address these issues.
  • Accessibility, Equity & Diversity: Puyallup is not the town we remember from our childhoods. It has been refreshed with diverse residents attracted here from all over the region and nation. Joe has been a key supporter in the call by hundreds of citizens over the past year encouraging city council to form a standing commission dedicated to equity and to implementing new community events like educational forums and multicultural festivals in the city. Click on Joe’s issues page for more information, and watch for his upcoming blog post on establishing an Equity & Ethics Commission.

Friends of Joe Colombo

Join us in supporting Joe Colombo
for Puyallup City Council
representing the
neighborhoods of District 2

This page was written by friends of Joe in District 2 who want to see him elected as our representative on city council, based on interviews about the issues and values he wants to take to city council. For his own words, check out semi-weekly blog posts Joe is publishing during the campaign, a practice he wants to continue while serving on city council, and read the FAQs voters have asked Joe while knocking on doors.

Ballots arrive around October 16th and are due in the mail or to the Puyallup Library drop-box by November 2nd. To contact Joe, email or call him at 253-307-5835 during campaign times, usually in the late afternoons-evenings from Fridays through Tuesdays. We encourage you to join us in endorsing Joe’s run, showing support with a yard sign, donation or contribution of time to the campaign. And follow Joe’s Facebook Page where he regularly shares events and commentary from the campaign trail.